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The Varia's Latin names each correspond to the Seven Deadly Sins.

favourite character meme → [1/4] relationships

"Is there any person that you think you couldn't defeat?"
"Mmm... I don't think I could beat my old man!"

how are you even doing that

"Hasn’t it seemed odd lately? My big brother hurt his hand, and Tsuna and his friends have been skipping school."

Why don't we fight twelve good rounds?


hitman reborn AU where Sasagawa Kyoko is the heir to the Vongola family

yeah so my infinite ability to start projects in the middle of my other eight or so ongoing projects finally kicked in and i decided this was absolutely a thing that needed to happen uh

10th boss Kyoko AU yeah rock on i’m gonna make this a fic if it kills me i swear i will write it wITH MY DYING WILL